This morning while I was reading my latest Tweets I came across a new term:  bespoke dining.  This is a brand new term for me.  I googled what bespoke means.  According to, bespoke is the past tense form of the British work “bespeak” which in turn means custom made.  This is exactly what Culinary Edge strives to bring customers a custom meal.  So it’s fitting that we use bespoke dining to describe what we do.

When customers order $50 or more we can easily custom make those meals.  It’s difficult to do in a “one off” situation.  If you decide that you’d like more than one meal at a time, we’re more than happy to go the extra step to provide you with the dining experience that you want.  You can have them delivered all at once if you desire meaning that you’d be freezing the meals that you’re not going to eat right away or over a period of a month to get fresh meals if you’re not a fan of frozen meals.

Let’s take it one step further:  imagine inviting all of your family over for Easter dinner.  Everyone likes to pitch in and help out but it’s the host/hostess who bears all of the pressure of inviting, cleaning, preparing, organizing, and communicating with guests, anxiety, etc.  Culinary Edge will take all of that pressure away.  We can deliver it a couple of ways:

  • Good: fresh ingredients with instructions on how to cook it to cook it based on your time of serving
  • Better: a freshly made, cooked and cooled meal that needs to be reheated
  • Best: we come to your home and take on all of the work so that you can sit and relax and enjoy your time with your guests.  After all, isn’t that the reason why you wanted to invite them in the first place?

Hiring a Chef to do all of the hard work doesn’t have to be expensive either. Contact Culinary Edge today and we can talk about your next dinner party.  Simple, creative and custom made.  A bespoke menu created just for you.