People often ask me what my secret is.  Why do I love cooking so much? The only way that I can answer that is to say, “it’s the way that I relax”.  In my former career after 10-12 hours of working I would come home and cook.  I felt refreshed and energized afterwards and delightfully rewarded more often than not.  Often with a glass of wine in my hand I would create the end of the day meal to unwind.  If I really was tired I would stop at the local grocery store and buy pre-made meals but I always felt cheated out of my daily ritual.  I’d have time on my hands but it felt like something was missing.

When I was let go from my job, I would always look forward to planning a meal for dinner.  At the time I was living alone.  I’d pour over latest recipes that I had and pick one from which I would learn a new skill or method of cooking.  I remember asking a friend of mine why she didn’t put more effort into making dinner for herself.  She was single and would often eat a sandwich for dinner.  I said “but that’s the time of day when you should be celebrating by creating a meal for yourself”.  She said simply, “sometimes a sandwich is all that I want.”  I guess for me all I want is a well planned meal that wraps up my day and allows me to celebrate my achievements or contemplate my failures.

I think that people are one of two camps – 1) they love cooking or 2) hate it with a passion.  I’m not trying to convert anyone in how they feel towards cooking with my own philosophy.  I get it.  Some people like to clean their homes.  I hate it.  If you’re in Cooking Camp 2 and you hate it then my goal is to alleviate that stress by providing dinner solutions for you.  Maybe not every night but a couple of times a week.  If you’re already buying take-out or ready-made meals from the grocery store, why not give Culinary Edge a try? Then we can stir two pots with one spoon.